Strollers, Pet Carriers, Leashes and Pet Crates

Ducks have short legs and webbed feet. They can be expected to walk with you all around the block or all around a Festival. If the pavement is hot, their feet are being burned, just as your's would be if you were barefooted. Ducklings are babies and have even shorter legs and tire easily. So if you are going to be out and about with your Pet Duck you will need to carry it some way. Of course you can carry it in your arms, but your arms will quickly tire. Having your Pet Duck in a Stroller or Carrier is also safer from dogs, other animals and human children as well as some adults that might not mean to but will scare or even hurt your Duck.

Pet Strollers

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If you have not looked at or did not know about pet Strollers you might be surprised at how many choices there are. Not only are there different types/builds/styles, they come in a rainbow of colors and even come in animal prints. There are so many choices you really need to do research before buying one for your own pet. Make sure you get the correct type of wheels, some are meant to only be used indoors. You will want to make sure the one you purchase is big enough for your pet, and is not top heavy to the point of the stroller wanting to tip over easily. Some come with storage compartments and cup holder, some with rain gear. All have netting so that the pet is kept in the stroller and strangers can not just reach in to touch your pet. Strollers can be inexpensive or several hundred dollars. And of course, there are some folks that use human baby strollers, adapted or not, for their pets to ride in.

Pet Carriers

There are many types of Pet Carriers. Like strollers they come in many styles and colors and price ranges. Make sure before buying it is the type you want to carry, some are backpacks, front packs or slings at your side. Make sure your pet will fit comfortably in the seat of the Pet Carrier.

Pet Crates

Plastic, metal, plastic and metal, mesh, fabric and mesh, and the list goes on. Make sure you buy the type that works best for you. Keep in mind a duck does not squat to poop, so a metal barred crate will not hold the poop within, not too nice in the vehicle or on your carpeted floors. Make sure the crate is big enough for your duck to turn around in and stand up in for sleeping in and bigger if the duck is going to spend time in it while you are away. Like most pet supplies, prices vary greatly and spending more is not always the best choice.


All pets and their owners need excersize. Walking a duck on a leash can be fun for both you and your pet duck. Just remember to train your duck AT HOME INDOORS before taking it out and about. Use a light weight leash with a small snap (hook). You do not want to use a heavy dog leash, the snap can hurt the ducks back or in fact hit the duck in the head as it walks.

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