Outdoor Pet Ducks

If you have the room and your area allows it, ducks make great outdoor pets too. Outdoor Ducks need a large pen with a draft free shelter. The more ducks you own the more room you will need. Your ducks will want some sort of pool to drink from and play in. Your pool will need to be cleaned out daily.

Your outdoor ducks will be fine in cold and or hot weather IF you have prepared their area and care for them correctly. Their house/barn/shelter needs draft free with enough area for the number of ducks you own. They need to be able to spread out when it is hot and you will need to add clean fresh bedding to the floor all winter and it needs to be kept clean Ducks will snuggle together at night in the winter. Your outdoor ducks MUST have shade in the summer months and they must have water they can get into and play. more to come

The contents of this page for Outdoor Pet Ducks is still under construction. Please check back.

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