Can My Duck Make Me Sick?

Here is a Question Often Asked: Can my pet duck make me or my children sick?

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Yes, but hear me do not wash your hands after diaper changes, or if you sit in the water in your tub with the duck as it "uncleans" the water as it plays, or do not clean your tub after the duck has been in it for your own use, or even if you eat the duck eggs raw. Or if your duck is sickly from poor nutrition, unclean sleeping quarters it may deteriorate to sickness, such as salmonella, that you might contract. You can not only get sick, you might just die. No different then most other pets. A pregnant woman should never handle kitty litter. Large parrots can bite a finger off a person in one snap. Snakes, lizards and turtles are also an animal that if you do not wash your hands after handling you might get salmonella. A dog can lick it's rear end, but you should not. My point being, any pet can make you sick if not handled/cared for correctly, but through the ages, people have had all types of animals in their homes.

Trust me. You are safer at home playing with your pet duck, than out on the Highway in your vehicle. You are more, far more, likely to contract a diseases from a human child than your pet duck. You are far more likely to contract diseases from people in the local department store, always wash those basket handles, than from your clean well cared for pet duck. The people where you work, with less physical contact are more likely to make you sick they when you come home and snuggle with your pet duck.

And keep in mind a few things. There was a time when keeping a dog or cat or parrot in your home was an odd and "dirty" thing to do. Some people feel that it is an unclean and unsafe thing to do today. Since ducks are less common as indoor pets than, say a dog, the general, uneducated (about the subject), public find it odd and perhaps unclean. But these same people are usually in awe of large, clean, trained, beautiful parrots in someone's home. Be sure your duck is well mannered in your home and teach your duck a couple of tricks. Tricks always seem to make animals more endearing to the general public....even to animals people. Yes indeed! Ducks can learn manners and tricks.

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