Ducks With Other Animals

Goat Kid Baby Sitter

We have many species of animals on our place. Most get along and hang out together. But you do need to be very aware of the animals your duck is around or lives with, especially that tiny baby duckling. If you bring home a duckling or several, watch your dog, of any breed, and especially your cats, and even pet rats, around your duckling. A dog and or a cat can kill a duckling in a moment. There are said to be four moments in a second. Your dog, cat, and other pets still have strong instincts. Never leave your duck alone with your dog or cat until you know that they get along and they get along very well. Even then, it is not a good idea to leave your duck alone with other animals.

Ducks are prey animals and have a strong, very strong prey instinct. This instinct can and sometimes does set off the predictor instinct in a dog or cat. If the duck, runs and "hollers" it can set off a dog or cat in an instant. There are six instants in a moment. This is something you will always need to be aware of.

It is not just your pets you should worry about. Countless "farm birds" have been killed and eaten by predator animals of the wild. If your duck is going to be outdoors you need to consider the types of predators you have in your area, and every area has them. We have many out here on the prairie in NW SD. From skunks to cougars. Know what type you have near you. And remember, an Ally Cat can be a predator.

Even in your own home you need to consider animals that might/could hurt your duck. Human children are a big threat to ducks and especially ducklings. Rough handling can injure or even kill a duck or duckling. Your feet walking across the floor can step on a duckling or a duck's foot. Do you have friends that come by to visit you and bring along their pet dogs? Do think about that not so well build or too short fence between you and your neighbor's place.

Bedfellows - Jen's Duck and Rabbit

HouseDucks and other animals that live in that household need to get along and get along well.

This is a cute photo shared with us by an efriend Jen of her duck and rabbit playing on the bed together. Don't assume after seeing this photo that your own duck and rabbit will automatically get along. Introduce them slowly and gently and never leave them alone together before you are 100% sure (and that can not happen) that they will always get along. Jen spends her day with her animals. She even takes them on vacation with her. The duck photo on "Pet Ducks Out & About" page of the duck at the Motor Home table having breakfast is this same duck named Soprano. Please take your time, as Jen has, to introduce your animals to one another gently and correctly.

Alex's Christmas HouseBirds

Even among there own kind, if not bought as babies together, HouseBirds need to be introduced gently. Believe it or not some full grown geese will kill a duckling, or a full grown chicken will kill, peck to death, a gosling. Introduce your birds to all the animals that will live in your home with much supervision.

The geese and ducks in this photo all live in Alex's house with his Show Poodles. Alex has many types of animals and they are his life. He even owns his own grooming business and takes his ducks and or a goose to work with him from time to time. Don't assume that if you own a full grown duck or goose that they will just except another or the opposite just because you saw this photo. Alex spends his time with his animals and introduces them correctly to one another.

Sky's Ducks

These two ducks belong to another efriend, Sky. These two live, like so many HouseDucks, in luxury. Ducks like to be with other ducks. They like to hang out together, sleep together and eat together. Many people believe that if you own a pet duck, you should have two pet ducks.

Please do not assume that all ducks will get along with one another from the start just because you saw Sky's photo. Sky has owned ducks and geese and chickens and other animals for many years. She has had them as House Pets and even ran a Duck Rescue for several years. Take your time to introduce your pets to one another in the correct way. Correct way might mean setting up two cages in the same room, moving the cages closer each day. It depends on the animals, your experience with animals, and how much time you spend with each one and how much time you spend with the animals together.

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