What About The Eggs?

Alex The Groomer's Eggs

If you have a female duck, a hen, she will lay eggs. Some breeds of ducks lay a LOT, a whole lot, of eggs per year. What do you do with those eggs? Well, of course it is up to you the duck owner, but here are some ideas, a few might make enough money that you might say that your duck (much like the goose in the children's story) lays "golden eggs".

These eggs shown in this photo were first blown then decorated by an efriend so that he could keep his duck and goose eggs and display them around his home and office.


Ever hear the term "big and rich"? Well duck eggs are. You can sure use them to cook with, use one duck egg when the recipe calls for two chicken eggs, or I should say that a duck egg in a recipe equals two chicken eggs. Some farm wives swear that cakes baked with duck eggs are better tasting and better for you.

Duck eggs that are not fertile, you need both a hen and a drake (male and female) for this to be accomplished, will not hatch, I am amazed how many adults do not know this.

Cayuga Duckling

Fertile duck eggs can be left with your hen to sit on and hatch, or you can surely hatch them in an incubator. You might keep the babies, sell them or give them as gifts to deserving friends.

Goose Egg Blown and Carved

If your duck is a hen it will lay many eggs per year. You might think about using those eggs for crafts and selling them. You might want to blow the inside of the eggs out (through tiny holes) and paint or carve the eggs to make ornaments. If you made nice Christmas Ornaments and marketed them correctly the money you make could pay to buy the Christmas gifts you would like to give. Or, you might give those Duck Egg Christmas Ornaments for Christmas Gifts. What a great gift that anyone would love to receive.

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