Duck Breeds

Just like with dogs and other pets, there are different types of ducks. Ducks come in different colors with different conformation as well as feather types. Some breeds grow faster to adult size then others. Some breeds can/will fly, others will lay more eggs per year. But for the most part, to those that do not know too much about ducks, compared to equine or dogs or even cats, ducks are for the most part approx the same size. Meaning, you won't, at this time in history, find really large, or giant ducks, nor will you find miniatures that you can take home as pets.

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Campbell Ducks are an active, solid brown/khaki colored, moderately streamline bird. Average weights as adults are, drakes-5 1/2 lbs. and hens-5 lbs.


Cayuga Duckling

Cayuga Ducks have very KOOOL greenish black plumage, adults are one of the most beautiful of all poultry displays at shows and in barnyards. They are the most popular exhibition breed in the Medium Weight Duck Class. They are one of the hardiest of all domesticated duck breeds and are active as rustlers and foragers. Standard weights at maturity are males-7 lbs. and females-6 lbs.


Cream, Powder and Dragon Crested Ducks

Crested Heads come on all types of breeds of ducks now. Not just the white. I just love the crested and own several. When picking out your Crested Duck as a duckling however thick the crest is on the duckling, that is what you will see in the adult. The crest is the result of the autosomal dominant crest (Cr) gene that is lethal to developing embryos when present in the homozygous state (Cr Cr). Since there is a lethal gene involved in producing crested ducks, special mating considerations must be made.


Splash & Pinto

Black and White Magpie ducklings are cute as a button the markings you see in their baby/duckling down is the markings they will have as adult plumage. This breed are kept primarily for their beauty and for exhibition, but are also useful as a dual-purpose breed for meat and eggs. Standard weights at maturity are males-5 lbs. and females-4 1/2 lbs.



This breed was reported to be imported from Peking China into both England and the United States, in 1873. Both legs and bill are deep orange color, and the plumage is white in adults.

White Pekin Ducks are the most popular of all ducks. In the United States, White Pekins are raised more than all of the other breeds of ducks combined. They have become very popular because of a combination of traits: hardiness, good fertility, excellent hatchability, calm temperament, large size, superior growth rate, excellent feed conversion, yellow skin and white plumage. Standard weights at maturity are males-9 lbs. and females-8 lbs.


Rouen Ducks have beautiful, unique, attractive color patterns and are one of the most popular duck breeds on Show tables. Rouen's are sometimes called "Big Mallards" or "non-flying Mallards" because both males and females have the same color patterns as Mallards. Because of their large size and docile nature they make fun and great pets. Standard weights at maturity are male-9 lbs, and female-8 lbs.


Runners typically have a posture that is 45 to 75 degrees above horizontal and look, to me, like a walking Bowling Pin (and I mean that in a good way). To top that off hey do not waddle like other ducks but run and seem to be in a hurry. Average weights as adults are drakes-4 lbs. and hens-3 1/2 lbs.



Alfalfa & Stymie

And like any animal you can certainly have mixed breed ducks. There are a couple we bought that are Cayuga/Crested/Runners. A mixed breed can have the looks and or personality of any or a mix of it's ancestors.

-- The Ducks In Diapers Team

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