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Duckling Goose Diaper Holder - Extra Large (gosling size L)Out Of Stock Price: $6.95

Phebe in Duckling Diaper Holder

Duck Diaper Holders are, in my opinion, the only way to have a duck in the house, vehicle or lap. This one is my own design that I fashioned for our own gosling, Eden and Ducklings, Splash & Phebe.

This is my Magpie Duckling, Phebe, in the photo wearing her own diaper holder. The one you are buying is new and have never been used.

This Diaper Holder is for a Ducking that is not yet ready for an Adult Duck Diaper Holder See photo for color of the item you will receive.(may vary just a bit). Ducklings grow so fasssssst! If it arrives and it would be a bit too big, wait a day or two (literally) and try it on your baby duck/goose again. The Duck Diaper Holder comes to you with two Pantie Liners to get you started.

The Duck Diaper Holder I have designed is made of polar fleece. Polar Fleece is light weight, soft, has a bit of give/stretch to it and can be washed in the washing machine or by hand and hung to dry. Polar Fleece was created for sportsmen. You can wash out polar fleece, ring it out very well, and put it back on, even damp it will dry pretty quickly. When polar fleece first came out I was backpacking with and training and racing sled dogs....wonderful stuff. Before it, fabrics used would hold the water or wetness that sportsmen would encounter. Polar Fleece is non absorbent and perfect for Duck Diaper Holders.

The Diaper Holder is held on, or holds together, with a small high impact plastic slide. Once set to size it will stay put. The slide is well padded by the 1" poly webbing and polar fleece. It makes this Duck Diaper Holder very comfortable and secure for the gosling wearing it.

We line our own Diaper Holders with pantie liners cut in pieces for the real young birds and grow the liner as the bird grows. We send two of these along with the Diaper Holder.

They grow so quickly. I would highly recommend that you purchase at least two Duck Diaper Holders for change out. Not only will you want to wash the diaper holder out now and again, they are ducklings and at some point may very well get a bit of poop on the holder it's self. (but again, you can wash the holder out by hand and return it to the goose after ringing it out)


Each item sold is new and never used or been around any other animals unless it says otherwise on the selling page. The photos you see of the animals with, on or in our products are items that my animals own. The items I sell are items I use an make for my own animals.

SHIPPING: We try to keep our shipping and handling as low as we can. Shipping and handling includes not just the cost of the stamps on the package. It also includes the information sent with the product, envelopes, tape, time to pack and trip to the post office.

Please note: If you see something you like, buy it now. I may or may not have that same print or type of fabric in stock and fabric stores do not keep the same fabric long... so I may or may not have the items long. The Diaper Holder described here, with photo shown is the one you will receive if you place your order from this page.

Also Note: All items sold are non returnable or refundable. We describe our items as well as we possibly can and also show a photo. All our items are tried and true on animals. If there is a problem with the craftsmanship of an item it will be replaced with as close to the same as we can replace it with.

We have found, in the past, that some people only want it use our items for photos and then return them... this and the fact that once "outside animals" have worn or used our items there is a possibility of bringing in diseases to our animals here at Marna's Menagerie. Thanks for understanding.

This smaller item has a smaller shipping charge of $1.95 to the USA when shipped with similar items. Your shopping cart will show your shipping costs and total based on the items in it.

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